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Brights - Significant other color

OPI nail lacquers come with the new OPI Pro-Wide TM brush for excellent results.... more

"Brights - Significant other color"

OPI nail lacquers come with the new OPI Pro-Wide TM brush for excellent results.

Directions of use

Apply a base coat, then use a nail lacquer two coats followed by a top coat after Nail Lacquer.


Perfect nails with beautiful brilliance.

Product line:


Packaging colour:

Black  Pink  Lilac/Violet/Purple 


Intense shine 


Pink  Purple 


No animal testing 
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OPI  is recognized as the world's leading manufacturer of professional hand, foot and nail care products and is sold in over 103 countries worldwide and offers the largest selection of trendy colors for lacquers. OPI ensures the most up-to-date and innovative professional products and sells over 55,000,000 bottles of lacquer and treatment each year which is a testament to the success and demand for the range and is consistently awarded by press and industry for quality and professionalism of products.


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