Bonus Programme

As a loyal customer, you will be handsomely rewarded at PerfectHair.ch. With every purchase from PerfectHair.ch, you will receive PerfectPoints, our loyalty points; these are worth real cash because, among other things, you can use them for your next purchase to claim a discount. You always win with PerfectPoints.

Benefit PerfectPoints
Your loyalty is rewarded at PerfectHair.ch. The more you buy from PerfectHair.ch, the more points you collect. PerfectPoints is a bonus system which we have created for you to say thank you for your loyalty, and to make your shopping experience at PerfectHair.ch even more attractive.

How to collect points
Every time you make a purchase at PerfectHair.ch, you are credited with PerfectPoints based on the value of your purchase. For four Swiss franc spent on your purchase, you will receive one PerfectPoint. The PerfectPoints are then credited to your user account after payment has been made.

Redeeming the PerfectPoints
1. Use these directly when making your next purchase
The PerfectPoints can be used straight away when making your next purchase. During the checkout process there is a sliding-scale where you can determine how many PerfectPoints you would like to use on your purchase. The exchange ratio of PerfectPoints to Swiss francs is set at 10:1. This means that, when spending 10 PerfectPoints, the total amount will be reduced by one Swiss franc.
Please confirm your choice by clicking on the button “Redeem PerfectPoints” Please note that PerfectPoints cannot be used in conjunction with other vouchers and any PerfectPoints that not redeemed within one year will expire.

2. Bonus articles
We offer a variety of attractive bonus articles which you can redeem directly against PerfectPoints. Here, you can find an overview of all the bonus articles which are currently available.

Special offers
PerfectHair.ch launches special offers all the time, which enable you to collect lots of extra PerfectPoints. On certain days, at certain times or when purchasing certain products, you can receive twice as many PerfectPoints. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media, in order to stay up to date on all offers.


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