1. Find the product
a) You do not yet know which products could be suited to you

Click on the tab ‘Consultation’ and choose from the options available to get in touch with us, so that we can provide you with a professional consultation. We have a massive selection, therefore making it difficult to find the right product for you if you do not yet know exactly what is suited to you. Every consultation is managed individually by a trained stylist, on the basis of the information provided by you. Should you have any further questions about the recommended products, do not hesitate to get in touch. We are always happy to help!

b) You are still unsure which product is suited to you, but you do know:
1. why you need the products
Then select from one of the categories ‘Hair’ or ‘Beauty’ the area of application where you wish to use the products. You will then be presented with a selection of suitable products based on your chosen criteria. Using the displayed filter options, you can also further limit the products so that the desired product is then finally displayed.

2. which brand you are interested in
Click on ‘Brand’ and either have all the brands from A-Z displayed, or make a selection from our top hair and top beauty products. The products of the desired brand are then displayed. Using the filter options on display, you can also further limit the selection, in order to find your desired products.

3. that you like to take advantage of special offers
Surf the menu and find the tab ‘Specials’, and select from the different categories the one that best corresponds to your needs.

4. what the product or the brand is called roughly
Enter the term known to you in our search engine, which can be found on every webpage at the top in the middle. Our intelligent search then tries to recognise your term, and offers corresponding suggestions as to what you could have meant. You will then be shown a selection of products which you can then further limit using filter criteria.

c) you already know which products you want
Search for the desired products with the use of our intelligent search function. Enter the product name into the search field, which can be found on every webpage at the top in the middle. Our intelligent search engine correlates your search term with our products. Select your desired product by clicking on it, in order to obtain a detailed view.

2. Purchase products

a) Shopping cart
As soon as you have found the desired article, select the quantity of the desired product and place it in the shopping cart by clicking on the symbol ‘Add to shopping cart’. Repeat these steps until all the desired products in the desired quantities have been placed in the shopping cart.

If you have all the products in the shopping cart that you wish to order, then click on ‘Checkout’. If you are already a customer at PerfectHair.ch, you may now log in with your email address and your password. If you are a new customer, please enter your personal information on the right-hand side of the form. If you are an existing customer, please click on ‘Log in’, or ‘Continue’ as a new customer.

b) Select the payment and delivery type
Select your desired payment and delivery type. Both details are mandatory. Please note that, after entering your address details, an automatic credit check is made with regard to the selection of payment type. The payment type ‘Payment on invoice’ is only then displayed if the credit check returns a positive result. Please also note that it is possible that the credit checking system does not locate your information because you, for example, would like to have your delivery sent to an office address. Should this be the case, do not hesitate to send us a short message. We will then check your enquiry on an individual basis and, if need be, will manually authorise it, so that the option ‘Payment on invoice’ appears to you. By entering your address and clicking on ‘Continue’, you consent to your personal information being used for an automatic credit check.

After choosing the payment and delivery type, and checking your order, click on ‘Continue’.

c) Terms and Conditions and cancellation policy
On the following webpage, confirm that you have read the Terms and Conditions, and choose to subscribe to the newsletter which provides information in irregular intervals on innovations and special offers from PerfectHair.ch. On the same webpage, enter any valid voucher codes which will then be immediately deducted from the order amount. At this point, you also have the possibility of leaving a comment on PerfectHair.ch. Simply enter this into the comment field on the right-hand side.


All of our products are original merchandise, which have been ordered and delivered via Swiss suppliers. We guarantee the highest level of quality for all our products. Should you, however, have a complaint, please get in touch with us.


PerfectHair.ch offers the payment methods of prepayment, payment on invoice, credit card or PayPal. The methods of payment depend on various factors. It is not guaranteed that every method of payment will be offered for every order. All credit card and PayPal payments are processed via secure connections on the provider servers. PerfectHair.ch does not save any credit card and/or PayPal details of its customers.


PerfectHair.ch endeavours to process all orders as quickly as possible. A fixed delivery time cannot, however, be guaranteed. On the one hand, it depends on the order time and, on the other, on the availability of the products in the warehouse. Deliveries are shipped within Switzerland and the principality of Liechtenstein. The cost of shipping for the A-Post tariff is CHF 8.90, and for the B-Post tariff it is CHF 6.90. You also have the choice Saturday delivery (CHF 9.90) and self-collection (free of charge). Depending on the order amount, the delivery costs may not apply at all.

PerfectHair.ch enables you to order your products as part of a subscription. The articles ordered as part of a subscription are marked as such on the product detail webpage. Click on the subscription price. Finally, the options regarding delivery intervals and duration are displayed. With the delivery interval, you can indicate at which time interval you would like to receive the selected products. With the duration, you can determine how long the subscription should run for.

At PerfectHair.ch you can buy vouchers for the amounts of CHF 20, CHF 50, CHF 100 and CHF 200. You will then receive a voucher code by email, which you can then enter when making your next purchase under the tab ‘Payment type’, under ‘Redeem voucher’, in order to have the corresponding amount taken off the price. Vouchers cannot be partially redeemed: If the order amount is smaller than the voucher amount, either more has to be ordered, or the voucher has to be redeemed at the next opportunity.

In order to view your customer account, it is essential that you are logged in. After you have either opened an account or have logged in, click on ‘My account’, the figure located on the top right-hand side. You have a number of menu options to choose from for managing your customer account:

My account
Under the menu option ‘My account’ you will find an overview of all the information regarding your account. This includes the user information, the selected payment type, the primary billing and delivery address, and the newsletter settings. All of the information provided on these points can be changed with a single click beneath the listing.

My orders
Under ‘My orders’ you can view all the orders that you have placed to date with PerfectHair.ch. You can also see the delivery type and the current order status in the table, next to the date and the order number. Under ‘Display’, you can also view a detailed overview of your orders.

My subscriptions
Under the menu option ‘My subscriptions’ all of your active subscriptions are displayed. There, you will find the creation date, the order number, the delivery interval and the expiration date of your current subscriptions.

Change invoice address
With the menu option ‘Change invoice address’, you can adjust the address to which we should send you the invoice. After having successfully changed the details, click on ‘Change’.

Change delivery address
If you wish to change the delivery address, click on the menu option ‘Change delivery address’. Simply enter the new coordinates and, to complete, click again on ‘Change’.

Change payment type
If you have previously decided on a payment type, this is then stored for you. If you wish to change the payment type, click on the menu option ‘Change payment type’. There, you will find all payment types listed which are available to you. Select the desired payment type and click again on ‘Change’.

Wish lists
In order to manage your wish lists, click on the menu option ‘Wish lists’. In order to create a new wish list, enter any given name for your wish list and click on ‘Create wish list’. Then search for the desired products or orders in the field ‘Article Name or Order Number..’, and a selection will be displayed in the form of a drop-down menu. If you have found the desired products or desired order respectively, then click on ‘Add’. You can publish your wish list and share it using social media; by placing a check mark against public wish lists, these can be viewed by all, as long as this function is activated. Share your wish lists on social media; who knows, maybe somebody will see it and your wish will soon come true. :-)

Log out
Under the menu option ‘Logout’, you can log out from your account.


PerfectHair.ch sends out a newsletter at regular intervals. They contain all the latest news from PerfectHair.ch, such as special offers, product or product lines which are new or soon to be discontinued, or competitions with great prizes to be won. Register your details, it's worth it.

Data protection and security
PerfectHair.ch values your trust, and takes great care and adheres to the highest security standards, in order to protect your personal information from unauthorised access. Your order, your personal information and your details regarding payment processing are protected by technical security systems and additional authorisation procedures. This applies to both the transfer of information and its storage on our servers.

Using your data
Statutory regulations governing data security are always taken into consideration during the processing of your data. We use your personal information during order processing, as well as for maintaining customer relationships, and we do not transfer this information to third parties. Insofar as we provide goods in advance of payment, e.g. with a purchase on invoice, in order to safeguard our own justifiable interests, we shall request when necessary a credit check which is done on the basis of mathematical-statistical modelling. For this purpose, we will pass on the necessary personal information for the credit check to a credit agency, and shall use the information received regarding the statistical probability of a credit default, in order to make a balanced decision on the justification, execution or termination of the contractual agreement. We will be happy to inform you upon request which credit agencies we have approached for this purpose. Furthermore, we use and process your personal information in order to maintain customer relationships, and for our own marketing purposes.

Technical standards
We use the security system known as the SSL security system (Secure Socket Layer) for the data transfer, in connection with a 256-bit encryption. This technology offers the highest level of security and, for example, is also used by banks to protect data during online banking. You can see that data is encrypted during transfer, based on the display of a closed key- or castle symbol in the lower status bar of your browser.

Security during payment transactions
All payment types are comprehensively protected by the above-mentioned security standards. If you pay using a credit card, we have also added an additional layer of security: This is granted to you by requesting the credit card security code during the order process under ‘Payment type’. The three-digit card security code can be located in the signature box on the reverse side of your credit card. All credit card and PayPal payments are processed via secure connections on the provider servers. PerfectHair.ch does not save any kind of credit card information or passwords for PayPal.

Authorisation, alteration and deletion of personal information
You can view and amend your own information at any time under ‘Customer account’ - by using your username and your password. If you have forgotten your password, click on the link ‘Forgotten password?’ on the registration page, which will then take you to a form which we kindly request you to fill out, and then click on the button ‘Send’. This also then poses no risk if a third person attempts to access your information, as they perhaps know your username. Because: the email is only ever sent to your email address, to which only you have access. Please note: you should not provide other people with your password, you should always log out from your personal account after using it, and you should use the SSL encryption when placing an order, whenever you are requested to do so by us.

Use of cookies
Cookies are small files which are used as identifiers. PerfectHair.ch transfers these to the hard disk drive of your computer via your web browser, and can read these during your visits to PerfectHair.ch, and during subsequent visits. Our cookies are protected against being read by third parties with the assistance of the security standards of your browser. While our short-term cookies (“Session cookies”) are not encrypted, we use pseudonymisation for the purposes of protecting your information with long-term cookies. Cookies enable our systems to recognise your browser and, for example, to display our advertising for special offers to you, with limited frequency. In doing so, we would like to prevent showing you unnecessarily large quantities of advertising, and to tailor our offer to your interests. The help function in the menu bar of the majority of web browsers explains how you can prevent your browser from accepting new cookies, how to instruct your browser to inform you of when you've received a new cookie, or whether you would like to turn off all received cookies. We recommend, however, leaving the cookie functions fully enabled, as it is only possible with the use of cookies to direct our advertising messages sensibly. Information which PerfectHair.ch receives with the assistance of cookies is used exclusively to adapt the offer as much as possible to the customer's wishes, and to make surfing the PerfectHair.ch website as convenient as possible for you.

Use of tracking pixels
Information about our customers is very important to us, and helps us to optimise our Internet site continuously. For this reason, we rely on so-called tracking pixels (small graphics) on our webpages. If a page is opened, the tracking pixel is loaded to the Internet from a server, and the IP address used by you and, if necessary, your cookie ID are registered with us. This allows PerfectHair.ch to determine which Internet pages within our web presence are visited by customers, and which tasks are executed. They help us to get to know our customers better, and to continuously improve the shopping experience at PerfectHair.ch. Should you not wish to receive an automated, personalised evaluation, you can submit your objection in writing at any time. In this case, the use of cookies will continue (in this case, to exclude you from the evaluation), but your personal information will no longer be evaluated by us.

Use of personalised links in the newsletter
We can send personalised images (with a HTML newsletter) and personalised links to you, in our newsletter. By subscribing to our newsletter, you consent to it being automatically traceable to us which newsletter content is of particular interest to you, through the automatic retrieval of images in your email programme, or by actively clicking on a link. With the help of these evaluations we can learn from you, and provide you with offers which correspond to what you are looking for. Of course, we only use such evaluations exclusively for the purposes of improving offers, and do not pass on this information to third parties. If you do not want this, our newsletter is also available purely in text format. In this instance, an evaluation is conducted exclusively by actively clicking on a personalised link. At the end of every newsletter you will find a link through which you can conveniently change the format. If you do not wish to permit any form of automated, personalised evaluation, you can submit your objection in writing at any time.

Terms and Conditions (T&Cs)

When making a purchase from PerfectHair.ch, it is essential that you accept our Terms & Conditions (T&Cs). These include all framework conditions governing commerce between the company PerfectHair AG and the customer.


Data security is not the only type of security we offer when shopping. You can also rely on us for the quality of our products and our service. The strict requirements placed on our suppliers and the comprehensive quality controls safeguard product quality. And this is something we pass on to you in the form of comprehensive guarantee policies. Should circumstances arise in which the delivered merchandise does not correspond to what you were looking for, we ensure that you have a 14-day right of return. It is only possible to return unused products in their original packaging.

Defective products and returns
PerfectHair.ch takes great care when packaging all products, in order to avoid any form of damage during transport. Should it occur, however, that a product is defective upon its arrival with you, we kindly request that you notify your post office of this immediately. If the contents of a product are not faultless, we kindly request that you get in touch with PerfectHair.ch without delay, in order that we can assess the matter on an individual basis, and discuss the next steps with you.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Get in touch:
By email: shop@perfecthair.ch
By telephone: +41 52 544 16 00
By post: PerfectHair AG, Hertistrasse 27, 8304 Wallisellen, or fill out our contact form.


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