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Beautiful nails contribute to your overall appearance. For professional manicures or pedicures at home, at PerfectHair.ch we have tools such as files, nail polish, nail polish remover, nail cream, nail hardeners, nail polish dryer, nail regeneration cream, cream for cuticle care and much more. Explore the variety of branded nail products from Alessandro, Essie and OPI for your nails in our online shop. Here you will also find Striplac products, the nail polish revolution from Alessandro, which you can use to get perfect nails at home, as if you’ve had a professional manicure. We also have the Alessandro Striplac Starter Kit, of course, and all the Striplac accessories like cleaner pads and Striplac nail polish in our range. Beautify your nails with nail products from PerfectHair.ch. 


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