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Products from Kérastase

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Products from Kérastase

Kérastase | 123 attractive offers

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Kérastase - Résistance - Masque Thérapiste
Kérastase Résistance - Masque Thérapiste
500ml 200ml
The thick, creamy reparative masque deeply nourishes and works at very core of the hair, for very damaged, over-processed thick hair. Directions of use Apply a quarter-size amount to wet hair (mid-lengths and ends). Massage...
CHF69.75 * CHF93.00 *
Genesis - Sérum Anti-Chute Fortifiant
Kérastase Genesis - Sérum Anti-Chute Fortifiant
Sérum Anti-Chute Fortifiant Genesis von Kérastase ist ein tägliches Serum gegen Haarverlust aus der Wurzel und durch Haarbruch. Das Serum enthält eine wirkungsvolle Kombination von Aminexil, Ingwerwurzel und Koffein. Es erhöht die...
CHF51.00 * CHF68.00 *
Discipline - Maskeratine
Kérastase Discipline - Maskeratine
200ml 500ml
Enveloped by this delectably creamy texture, the fiber allows itself to be transformed. Once rinsed, the hair is beautifully softened and replenished so that it puts up no resistance to styling. Directions of use Apply to washed...
CHF69.75 * CHF93.00 *
Spécifique - Bain Divalent
Kérastase Spécifique - Bain Divalent
1000ml 250ml
Combination Hair! Kerastase Specifique Bain Divalent is a cleansing shampoo designed for greasy scalps and dry hair and will help you to balance greasy roots and dry ends. Directions of use Apply to your wet hair and gently...
CHF57.00 * CHF76.00 *
Résistance - Bain Force Architecte
Kérastase Résistance - Bain Force Architecte
1000ml 250ml
Bain Force Architecte ist ein Restrukturierendes Haarbad mit dem Complexe Ciment-Cylane3 für stark bis sehr stark geschädigtes Haar. Directions of use Auf das angefeuchtete Haar auftragen. 3 min einwirken lassen. Gründlich...
CHF19.60 * CHF28.00 *
Blond Absolu - Bain Ultra-Violet
Kérastase Blond Absolu - Bain Ultra-Violet
250ml 1000ml
This powerful purple shampoo is rich in neutralizing agents to instantly remove brassiness and yellow undertones. Ideal for cool faux-blonde and grey hair, this formula provides durable (if use regularly) anti-brassiness protection,...
CHF57.00 * CHF76.00 *
Résistance - Fondant Extentioniste
Kérastase Résistance - Fondant Extentioniste
200ml 1000ml
Dieser cremige Conditioner mit leichter Textur ist eine regenerierende und sanft entwirrendende Haarkur, welche die Haare beim Kämmen vor Bruch bewahrt und für seidigen Glanz nach dem Reinigen sorgt. Angereichert mit Ceramiden und...
CHF30.00 * CHF40.00 *
Nutritive - Nectar Thermique
Kérastase Nutritive - Nectar Thermique
Nectar Thermique care protects dry hair from the aggressions of blow-dry and makes hair easier to style. It instantly polishes hair surface for a double anti-roughness/anti-dullness action while hair fiber is deeply nourished. Hair is...
CHF29.25 * CHF39.00 *
Genesis - Défense Thermique
Kérastase Genesis - Défense Thermique
Défense Thermique Genesis von Kérastase ist ein kräftigendes Hitzestyling-Fluid gegen Haarverlust von der Haarwurzel und durch Haarbruch. Diese milchige Formel bietet Schutz vor Haarbruch und optimale Feuchtigkeitsversorgung, ohne Frizz...
CHF30.00 * CHF40.00 *
Discipline - Spray Fluidissime
Kérastase Discipline - Spray Fluidissime
This translucent no-rinse lotion reduces friction, protects the fiber during styling and disciplines even the frizziest and most unmanageable hair. Blow-dry styling becomes a true pleasure. Directions of use Shake. Spray onto...
CHF30.00 * CHF40.00 *
Résistance - Extentioniste Trio
Kérastase Résistance - Extentioniste Trio
This set contains: 1x Résistance - Bain Extentioniste (250ml) 1x Résistance - Fondant Extentioniste (200ml) 1x Résistance - Extentioniste Thermique (150ml)
CHF75.60 * CHF108.00 *
Genesis - Bain Nutri-Fortifiant
Kérastase Genesis - Bain Nutri-Fortifiant
Bain Nutri-Fortifiant Genesis von Kérastase ist ein kräftigendes Shampoo gegen Haarverlust von der Haarwurzel und duch Haarbruch. Es reinigt und kräftigt die Haarfaser sanft, senkt das Haarverlustrisiko. Diese reichhaltige Formel wird...
CHF23.25 * CHF31.00 *
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Kérastase: world-renowned luxury hair care

Kérastase is a world-renowned luxury hair care brand. The Kérastase brand offers its customers various product ranges including Kérastase Nutritive for dry hair, Kérastase Discipline for curly and unruly hair, Kérastase Densifique for thinning hair, Kérastase Réflection for coloured hair and Kérastase Volumifique for fine hair.

Kérastase: because every woman is unique

Kérastase professional hair care is synonymous with state-of-the-art technologies, innovative formulas and the best active ingredients. With product ranges developed to suit a variety of different hair types, every woman can benefit from their own personalised beauty regime. Kérastase believes that hair is the individual expression of your personal philosophy and aims in life, and sends an important message to the world. And that’s precisely why you should take good care of your hair.

“Cleanse, nourish and perfect”

Hair care at Kérastase works to a 3-step regimen: “cleanse (Bain), nourish and perfect”.

Kérastase Shampoo (Bain)

In the first step of the care programme, the hair is washed with a Kérastase shampoo while massaging the scalp and stimulating blood flow. Kérastase offers special shampoos for different hair types and requirements, each with a smooth texture and delicate fragrance.

Kérastase Conditioner

In step 2, the hair is nourished with highly effective care products. The hair shape is strengthened, resulting in a lasting beautification of the hair fibres.

Kérastase Treatment

The hair is perfected in step 3 with leave-in Kérastase products, which impart shine and protect the hair during styling and blow-drying.

Kérastase: power of innovation

The history of the Kérastase brand began in 1964, when founder Francois Dall succeeded in combining science and luxury hair-care to create Kérastase. Since its inception, the brand has brought several significant product innovations to the market. In the 70s, for example, Kérastase developed Bain Divalent, a product from the Spécifique range. This balancing shampoo is perfect for oily roots and dry ends.

Kérastase began selling the first hair care mask on the market in 1980: the Masque à l'Huile de Germes de Maïs with corn oil. The remainder of the 80s brought further innovations: products from the Nutritive range were launched for the first time in 1984, followed in 1986 by the well-known Kérastase cult product Masquintense. Soleil was also launched in the 1980s. Soleil products were developed to protect hair against UV radiation.

In addition to the Kérastase product ranges already mentioned, further ranges include Blond Absolu, Aura Botanica, Chronologiste, Couture Styling, Cristalliste, Elixir Ultime, Homme Capital Force, Initialiste, Fusion Scrub, Réflection and Resistance. At Kérastase, you’ll find hair care products for all hair types: in addition to normal hair, Kérastase products can be used for the professional treatment of tired, coloured, dry, thin and highlighted hair.

Kérastase product ranges

Kérastase offers the right product for your every hair care need – order online at PerfectHair.ch. Discover all Kérastase product ranges and find the right hair care products to create beautiful hair.

Kérastase Discipline

As the name suggests, Kérastase Discipline helps to tame unruly hair. Do you have rebellious, unruly hair that is difficult to comb? Then the Kérastase Discipline range is for you. The Discipline Curl Idéal range also provides optimum care for curly, voluminous hair. Kérastase Discipline tames your hair and makes frizz disappear. Intensive care for your hair.

Kérastase Nutritive

Is your hair dry and in need of nourishment? Kérastase Nutritive leaves your hair looking smooth and healthy. Kérastase’s exceptional portfolio of hair care products is the ideal choice for dry and overstressed hair. Say goodbye to dry hair. Kérastase Nutritive strengthens the hair structure and makes your hair glow.

Kérastase Résistence

The Kérastase Résistance range of hair care products is perfect for damaged hair. Do you have dull or brittle hair? Does your hair lack luminosity, and do you suffer from hair breakage? Kérastase has developed the Resistance range of hair care products specifically for broken hair. Résistence products – which include a shampoo, mask, conditioner and more – repair hair fibres from the inside out, strengthening your hair and giving it more volume.

Kérastase Blond Absolu

The Blond Absolu range from Kérastase has been specifically developed for blond hair. Blond Absolu's unique feature is the combination of care and neutralization: the violet pigments have an anti-yellow cast effect on the hair, while at the same time caring for and strengthening the hair.


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