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Rénergie - Multi-Lift Ultra
Lancôme Rénergie - Multi-Lift Ultra
50ml 15ml
Lancôme introduces a firming cream that helps target a spectrum of signs of aging: Rénergie Multi-Lift Ultra targets wrinkles and firmness. The formula is enriched with linseed extract and leaves skin feeling firmer and reduces the...
CHF116.00 * CHF145.00 *
Rénergie - Multi-Lift Crème Nuit
Lancôme Rénergie - Multi-Lift Crème Nuit
Rénergie Multi-Lift Night Cream works overnight to replenish your skin with moisture. The Multi-Tension technology is designed to tighten the look of your skin while it is most receptive. Fine lines and wrinkles appear diminished. Wake...
CHF127.20 * CHF159.00 *
Rénergie - Multi-Glow Jour
Lancôme Rénergie - Multi-Glow Jour
For the first time, Lancôme introduces Rénergie Multi-Glow, a tailor-made day cream for women over 60 years old, whose skin has lost its vital radiance over time. Infused with Schizandra red berry extract, it recharges the skin with a...
CHF103.60 * CHF129.50 *
Rénergie - Multi-Lift Yeux
Lancôme Rénergie - Multi-Lift Yeux
Experte der kosmetischen Lifting Expertise seit 1992.Liften Sie Ihre Gesichtszüge, definieren Sie Ihre Schönheit neu.Rénergie Multi-Lift Yeux ist die straffende Anti-Falten Augenpflege mit Lifting-Effekt. Die Anti-Aging Augenpflege ist...
CHF83.20 * CHF104.00 *
Rénergie - Yeux
Lancôme Rénergie - Yeux
Rénergie Anti-Age Eye cream is specifically formulated for use around the delicate eye area, to help correct the visible signs of ageing: eye bags, loss of firmness and wrinkles. With continued use, this fortifying cream leaves eyes...
CHF68.80 * CHF86.00 *
Rénergie - Multi-Lift Crème Riche
Lancôme Rénergie - Multi-Lift Crème Riche
Rénergie Multi-Lift Crème Riche Key Features Reveal firmer, denser, and tighter looking skin, as if lifted, with Rénergie Multi-Lift Cream for Dry Skin, anti-wrinkle face cream from Lancôme. The anti-ageing skincare enriched with...
CHF120.80 * CHF151.00 *
Rénergie - Multi-Lift Ultra Cream
Lancôme Rénergie - Multi-Lift Ultra Cream
Rénergie Multi-Lift Ultra ist eine Anti-Aging Gesichtscreme von Lancôme, die spezifisch für die Haut mit Falten, mangelnder Festigkeit und überschüssigen Pigmentflecken entwickelt wurde.  Angereichert mit Pro-Lifting...
CHF115.90 * CHF144.90 *
Rénergie - Crème Jour
Lancôme Rénergie - Crème Jour
Rénergie Crème rediscovers your skin's youthful elasticity, strength and resilience. This dual-performance anti-wrinkle and firming skincare treatment fortifies the feel of the skin around the face and neck, leaving it feeling firmer...
CHF104.80 * CHF131.00 *
Rénergie - Multi-Lift Ultra Fluide
Lancôme Rénergie - Multi-Lift Ultra Fluide
Bekämpfen Sie gleichzeitig Anzeichen alternder Haut sowie das Erscheinungsbild von Pigmentflecken. Entdecken Sie die Anti-Falten- und Anti-Pigmentfleckenpflege in einem. Rénergie Multi-Lift Ultra mildert Pigmentunregelmässigkeiten sowie...
CHF111.70 * CHF139.60 *
Rénergie - Multi-Lift Ultra Wrap Mask
Lancôme Rénergie - Multi-Lift Ultra Wrap Mask
1x 5x
CHF19.30 * CHF24.10 *
Rénergie - Multi-Lift Masque Liftant Raffermissant
Lancôme Rénergie - Multi-Lift Masque Liftant Raffermissant
Lancôme introduces a tightening lifting mask that acts to redefine facial contours.  This formula, containing 17% Beeswax and Carnauba wax, nourishes the skin with moisture and helps to improve skin's elasticity. Skin on the...
CHF71.20 * CHF89.00 *
Rénergie - Nuit Multi-Glow
Lancôme Rénergie - Nuit Multi-Glow
Rénergie Nuit Multi-Glow von Lancôme, ist eine massgeschneiderte Anti-Aging-Nachtcreme für Frauen über 60 Jahre. Diese innovative Nachtcreme von Lancôme hilft sowohl bei der Regeneration der Haut sowie bei der Erhaltung deren...
CHF106.40 * CHF133.00 *
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