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Products from Estée Lauder

Estée Lauder | 634 attractive offers

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Advanced Night Repair - Synchronized Recovery Complex II
Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair - Synchronized Recovery...
CHF142.00 * CHF113.60 *
Double Wear - Stay-in-Place Makeup SPF10 Outdoor Beige 4C1
Estée Lauder Double Wear - Stay-in-Place Makeup SPF10...
CHF56.00 * CHF44.80 *
Resilience Multi-Effect - Oil-in-Creme Infusion
Estée Lauder Resilience Multi-Effect - Oil-in-Creme Infusion
CHF132.00 * CHF105.60 *
Pure Color Love - Lipstick Creme Crazy Beautiful 430
Estée Lauder Pure Color Love - Lipstick Creme Crazy...
CHF34.00 * CHF27.20 *
Revitalizing Supreme - Global Anti-Aging Cell Power Creme
Estée Lauder Revitalizing Supreme - Global Anti-Aging Cell...
50ml 30ml 75ml
CHF128.00 * CHF102.40 *
Perfectionist - Pro Instant Wrinkle Filler
Estée Lauder Perfectionist - Pro Instant Wrinkle Filler
CHF84.00 * CHF67.20 *
Nutritious Micro-Algae - Pore Purifying Cleansing Jelly
Estée Lauder Nutritious Micro-Algae - Pore Purifying...
CHF34.00 * CHF27.20 *
Estée Lauder - Lash Primer Plus
Estée Lauder Estée Lauder - Lash Primer Plus
CHF33.00 * CHF26.40 *
Perfectly Clean - Multi-Action Toning Lotion/Refiner
Estée Lauder Perfectly Clean - Multi-Action Toning...
CHF34.00 * CHF27.20 *
Sumptuous - Extreme Mascara Black
Estée Lauder Sumptuous - Extreme Mascara Black
CHF45.00 * CHF36.00 *
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Estée Lauder: big brand. Renowned businesswoman!

There are probably very few people who know Josephine Esther Mentzer by name. But if you tell them that Josephine Esther Mentzer was later known as Estée Lauder, this unknown woman suddenly becomes familiar as the founder of a great, world-renowned beauty brand: Estée Lauder. Founded in 1946, the Estée Lauder beauty brand stands for luxury, technological progress and innovation.

Estée Lauder (also Estee Lauder in German-speaking regions) is regarded as the inventor of the free cosmetic sample. For some, this may not sound like a ground-breaking invention. But the free sample represented a small revolution in the field of marketing. And it helped Josephine Esther Mentzer, who came from poor beginnings, to become the wealthy Estée Lauder with a huge beauty empire.

Estée Lauder offers alluring beauty

The entrepreneur Josephine Esther Mentzer dedicated her life to the beauty of women. Her vision was to bring out the seductive side in every woman. Even today, the beauty brand has remained true to Mrs Estée Lauder’s standards and unmistakable sense of glamour. Estée Lauder died in 2004, but her name lives on in the brand she created: as one of over 20 beauty brands that now belong to Estée Lauder Companies. Estée Lauder is now in over 100 countries. All Estée Lauder beauty products combine the best that science and nature have to offer.

Estée Lauder: beauty brand with values!

The Estée Lauder Companies describe themselves as a value-driven organisation whose actions are based on the Lauder family’s respect for the individual, on uncompromising ethics and integrity, greatness of spirit and fearless persistence. The Estée Lauder beauty brand promises women the highest level of excellence. The range includes skincare products as well as makeup, perfumes and fragrances, which are both gentle on skin and highly effective.

Intoxicating fragrances. Skincare and more.

The scent of a thousand flowers. Like a bouquet of peony, lily and jasmine. Or as enticing as a warm summer’s night. These are Estée Lauder perfumes for women. But Estée Lauder fragrances are not just for women; the brand also makes fragrances for the sophisticated man, offering refined colognes, fragrances with fresh and juicy citrus notes, as well as an eau de parfum, which brings to mind wealth and opulence.

The Estée Lauder brand offers more than just intoxicating fragrances, however, providing skincare products to help you destress after a hard day. The Estée Lauder range includes, for example, a highly effective moisturiser which prevents the first signs of ageing, a revitalising 10-minute mask for the skin under the eyes and the ever-popular “Advanced Night Repair”, which beautifies the skin overnight.

Perfectly beautiful: makeup by Estée Lauder

Estée Lauder presents Double Wear makeup with 15-hour hold; Extreme Waterproof Mascara for incredible volume; the ultimate foundation brush; lipstick colours capable of bringing about a revolutionary change in your lips, style and look; as well as many other Estée Lauder makeup products to highlight a woman’s natural beauty. Buy Estée Lauder makeup and beauty products now at PerfectHair.ch.


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