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Life Plankton - Mild Creamy Peel
BIOTHERM Life Plankton - Mild Creamy Peel
This unique anti-pollution mild peel powered with natural bioscience actives is tested and with proven results even on sensitive skin. Thanks to the combination of Biotherm’s patented bioscience ingredient Life Plankton™ probiotic...
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Aquasource - Plump & Glow
BIOTHERM Aquasource - Plump & Glow
With your intense life, lips are over exposed and lose moisture. It shows 1st on your lips volume and color: hot & cold food, movement, changing weather, skin contacts, air conditioning, sun. Give lips an instant naturally rosy and...
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Aquasource - Total Eye Revitalizer
BIOTHERM Aquasource - Total Eye Revitalizer
Biotherm's first flash eye awakener gives your eyes a totally revitalized look. Formulated with all the hydration agents of Aquasource and enriched with a specific combination of cooling, de-puffing, lightening and blurrung complex,...
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Life Plankton - Elixir
BIOTHERM Life Plankton - Elixir
50ml 30ml 75ml
Tested on 100% sensitive skin and infused with 5% Life Plankton™ at its highest concentration, LIFE PLANKTON™ ELIXIR comes in a transformative, non-sticky texture with a zero-grease finish, to cure all skin ages and conditions. Closely...
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Aquasource - Gel Moisturizer Normal/Combination Skin
BIOTHERM Aquasource - Gel Moisturizer Normal/Combination...
50ml 75ml
New Aquasource Gel Moisturizer is now infused with a legendary ingredient discovered in the French Pyrenees source: Aura Leaf, a medicinal plant with miraculous properties. Day after day, it replenishes skin’s natural moisture reserves,...
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Super Hydrators - Aqua Pure
BIOTHERM Biotherm Aqua - Pure Super Concentrate Hydrator...
AQUA PURE is a fast-absorbing fluid moisturiser that intensely heals skin imperfections and excess sebum for a healthier-looking clear skin. Your intense life affects your skin: excess of sebum, enlarged pores and skin imperfections....
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Aquasource - Night Spa Moisturizer, Night Cream, Mask
BIOTHERM Aquasource - Night Spa Moisturizer, Night...
Embrace the night with Biotherm's sleeping pack, for moisture replenishment and intense skin hydration overnight. Discover the night-time spa experience to replenish moisture levels while you sleep. Aquasource’s iconic moisture...
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Biotherm Homme - Aquapower Normal/Combination Skin
BIOTHERM Biotherm Homme - Aquapower Normal/Combination Skin
75ml 100ml
Powerful daily hydration for men's skin. Instant cool sensation. An explosion of freshness for full-of-moisture, supple and comfortable skin, whatever the conditions. Light, non-sticky gel hydrates dry skin for 48 hours...
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Biosource - Eau Micellaire
BIOTHERM Biosource - Eau Micellaire
3-in-1 cleansing water: purifies, tones and removes eye makeup. The 1st BIOTHERM 3 in 1 refreshing cleansing water containing the MULTI-DETOX complex. In just one step, this lotion, can remove make-up and impurities on the skin that are...
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Biosource - Total Renew.Oil
BIOTHERM Biosource - Total Renew.Oil
Invigorating Cleansing Milk. This refreshing, delicately scented milk removes makeup and thoroughly cleanses the skin. It leaves skin clear and fresh. Directions of use Apply to dry skin. Massage and rinse with water. 
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Biotherm Homme - Force Supreme Youth Architect Cream Anti-Age
BIOTHERM Biotherm Homme - Force Supreme Youth Architect...
Biotherm Homme develops a multitasking cream, specially designed for the 40+ skincare, to act on all visible signs of aging. Taking advantage of the Biotherm expertise, Force Supreme Youth Architect Cream helps skin feel stronger and...
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Life Plankton - Essence-In-Mask
BIOTHERM Life Plankton - Essence-In-Mask
Life plankton Essence-In-Mask, made from a unique biodegradable organic cotton able to soak high content of facial essence & easily releases it into the skin to infuse skin with an indulgent concentration of Life Plankton in only 8...
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