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Biosource - Make-Up Removing Milk Normal/Combination Skin Limited Edition
BIOTHERM Biosource - Make-Up Removing Milk...
Invigorating Cleansing Milk. This refreshing, delicately scented milk removes makeup and thoroughly cleanses the skin. It leaves skin clear and fresh. Directions of use Apply to the face using a cotton pad. Rince.
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Biosource - Toner Dry Skin
BIOTHERM Biosource - Toner Dry Skin
Softening Rinse-off anti-pollution Foaming Cream. A rich cream which foams on contact with water to cleanse skin, removing makeup. Leaves dry skin clean, supple and comfortable. Directions of use Apply to the face using a cotton...
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Biotherm Homme - Sensitive Force Recovering Balm
BIOTHERM Biotherm Homme - Sensitive Force Recovering Balm
Men's skin is more and more sensitive due to growing external agressions and repetitive shaving gesture. For the first time, BIOTHERM HOMME launches a fully dedicated line to sooth men's weakened skin. Powered by Life plankton, enriched...
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Biotherm Homme - Facial Exfoliator
BIOTHERM Biotherm Homme - Facial Exfoliator
Tiny gentle particles slough off impurities and dead cells which can lead to a dull complexion. Lightly foaming action clears skin of everyday impurities and secretions. Directions of use Use once or twice a week, preferably...
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Biosource - Foaming Cream Normal/Combination Skin
BIOTHERM Biosource - Foaming Cream Normal/Combination Skin
A rich cream which foams on contact with water to cleanse skin, removing makeup. Leaves skin clean, supple and comfortable. Directions of use Dispense into the palm of the hand and mix with water until a rich foam appears. Massage...
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Blue Therapy - Eye
BIOTHERM Blue Therapy - Eye
The eyes zone is the most attention-winning of the face for age perception. This is why your eyes require specific anti-aging skincare. For the first time, Biotherm extends the very definition of the eye zone to target wrinkles,...
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Biotherm Homme - Force Supreme Black Regenerating Care
BIOTHERM Biotherm Homme - Force Supreme Black...
Entdecken Sie die regenerierende Nachtpflege von der Biotherm Homme Anti-Aging Linie Force Suprême, die Black Regenerating Night Care. Biotherm Homme hat eine multi-korrigierende und straffende Anti-Aging Nacht-Pflege mit Pro-Xylane und...
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Life Plankton - Essence-In-Mask
BIOTHERM Life Plankton - Essence-In-Mask
Life plankton Essence-In-Mask, made from a unique biodegradable organic cotton able to soak high content of facial essence & easily releases it into the skin to infuse skin with an indulgent concentration of Life Plankton in only 8...
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Aquasource - Plump & Glow
BIOTHERM Aquasource - Plump & Glow
With your intense life, lips are over exposed and lose moisture. It shows 1st on your lips volume and color: hot & cold food, movement, changing weather, skin contacts, air conditioning, sun. Give lips an instant naturally rosy and...
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Life Plankton - Eye
BIOTHERM Life Plankton - Eye
LIFE PLANKTON™ EYE harnesses the unique healing powers of Biotherm’s signature ingredient to reverse aging of the eye area – from the first 8 days. Instantly reborn, dark circles are replaced by radiance ; puffiness melts away, whilst...
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Aquasource - Cream SPF15
BIOTHERM Aquasource - Cream SPF15
Moisturizes and protects. Daily gel-cream moisturizer with SPF 15. Just as light-fresh as the original, now with sunscreen, anti-pollution shea extract plus antioxidant Vitamin E. Protects skin from sun and the city pollution. Deeply...
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Aquasource – Everplump Moisturizer Day Cream with Hyaluronic Acid
BIOTHERM Aquasource – Everplump Moisturizer Day Cream...
The new daily moisturizer that plumps skin up. New highly dense gel texture so plumping even fine lines are pushed away. Full of moisture, replenished and strengthened, skin gets incredible smoothness. A breakthrough texture feels like...
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