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Blue Therapy - Red Algae Uplift Cure
BIOTHERM Blue Therapy - Red Algae Uplift Cure
For the first time the power of red algae is captured in an ultra-liquid texture, lighter than any serum for perfect skin affinity. Infuse your skin with delicate freshness for an invigoration sensation and visible transformation:...
CHF71.30 * CHF79.20 *
Aquasource - Aura Concentrate
BIOTHERM Aquasource - Aura Concentrate
Intense regenerating and moisturizing serum for dry and very dry skin. Aquasource Aura Concentrate Serum - help your skin glow again. Directions of use Apply on the face in the morning and/or evening before your care.
CHF61.20 * CHF68.00 *
Life Plankton - Elixir
BIOTHERM Life Plankton - Elixir
Tested on 100% sensitive skin and infused with 5% Life Plankton™ at its highest concentration, LIFE PLANKTON™ ELIXIR comes in a transformative, non-sticky texture with a zero-grease finish, to cure all skin ages and conditions. Closely...
From CHF81.90 * CHF91.00 *
Life Plankton - Sensitive Emulsion
BIOTHERM Life Plankton - Sensitive Emulsion
This natural micro-organism holds the secret of resilience, resisting 3 billion years of changes, managing to adapt and reinforce itself until today. Infused at 5%, the highest concentration in Life Plankton™, Sensitive Emulsion makes...
CHF54.90 * CHF61.00 *
Life Plankton - Sensitive Balm
BIOTHERM Life Plankton - Sensitive Balm
This rich wrapping balm contains the highest concentration of the most unique ingredient of the cosmetic industry know for its regenerative properties: Life Plankton. Preserved in an highly protective airless jar, its proven efficacy...
CHF57.60 * CHF64.00 *
Blue Therapy - Accelerated Serum
BIOTHERM Blue Therapy - Accelerated Serum
A fast-acting serum formula to instantly soften and beautify skin. Concentrated in Algae of Youth™, the three most visible signs of aging - wrinkles, dark spots and loss of firmness - are dramatically improved over time. Directions...
CHF110.70 * CHF123.00 *
Biotherm Homme - T-Pur Refining Micro-Peel Serum
BIOTHERM Biotherm Homme - T-Pur Refining Micro-Peel Serum
The blend of purifying marine mineral complex and exfoliating fruit acids, incorporated in a ultra-fresh gel-essence texture. This formula releases a high-precision peeling action to reduce the look of imperfections such as roughness,...
CHF61.65 * CHF68.50 *
Biotherm Homme - Force Supreme Youth Arquitect Serum
BIOTHERM Biotherm Homme - Force Supreme Youth Arquitect...
Advanced technology to target and rebuild the dermis structures, which are fundamental to maintain face contour damaged over time. Firmer and revitalized skin. Surface fully restored. Smoothed fine lines. Instant toned radiance....
CHF103.50 * CHF115.00 *
Skin Oxygen - Strengthening Concentrate
BIOTHERM Skin Oxygen - Strengthening Concentrate
Ultra light, fresh serum for deep anti-pollutant penetration: Skin Oxygen serum is enriched with Chlorella algae extract, with detoxifying powers, and antioxidant and regenerating actives. It strengthens the skin and repairs damage...
From CHF49.50 * CHF55.00 *
Life Plankton - Eye
BIOTHERM Life Plankton - Eye
LIFE PLANKTON™ EYE harnesses the unique healing powers of Biotherm’s signature ingredient to reverse aging of the eye area – from the first 8 days. Instantly reborn, dark circles are replaced by radiance ; puffiness melts away, whilst...
CHF54.90 * CHF61.00 *


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