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Blue Therapy - Revitalize Day Set
BIOTHERM Blue Therapy - Revitalize Day Set
This set contains: 1x Blue Therapy Revitalize Day Cream (50ml) 1x Life Plankton Elixir (7ml) 1x Blue Therapy Amber Algae Revitalize Night Cream (15ml) 1x Blue Therapy Eye (5ml) 1x Necessaire
CHF79.20 * CHF99.00 *
Aquasource - Night Spa Moisturizer, Night Cream, Mask
BIOTHERM Aquasource - Night Spa Moisturizer, Night...
Embrace the night with Biotherm's sleeping pack, for moisture replenishment and intense skin hydration overnight. Discover the night-time spa experience to replenish moisture levels while you sleep. Aquasource’s iconic moisture...
CHF48.80 * CHF61.00 *
Blue Therapy - Night Cream All Skin Types
BIOTHERM Blue Therapy - Night Cream All Skin Types
It's during the night that the skin is most receptive to regenerate and repair itself. Sheltered from external aggressors, act on the appearance of the signs of aging. Morning after morning, wake up to reveal a younger looking you:...
CHF84.00 * CHF105.00 *
Blue Therapy - Red Algae Uplift Night Cream
BIOTHERM Blue Therapy - Red Algae Uplift Night Cream
Deeply restores, envelops, and smooths skin with a comfortable sensation.  A comfortable and rejuvenating night cream in a restorative texture for overnight efficacy.  A pleasant and enveloping rosy-tone cream that melts into...
CHF87.20 * CHF109.00 *
Skin Oxygen - Restoring Overnight Care
BIOTHERM Skin Oxygen - Restoring Overnight Care
This restoring overnight care is enriched with Chlorella Algae, known for its detoxifying powers, and Hyaluronic Acid. It melts on contact with the skin, bathing it in intense hydration and restoring it from daily damage. Its...
CHF63.20 * CHF79.00 *
Blue Therapy - Revitalize Night
BIOTHERM Blue Therapy - Revitalize Night
This anti-aging night cream from Blue Therapy Amber Algae Revitalize awakens the natural strength of the skin and helps it to more vitality and radiance. The skin is moisturized, smoothed, repaired and wrinkles reduced. The night care...
CHF84.00 * CHF105.00 *
Biotherm Homme - Force Supreme Black Regenerating Care
BIOTHERM Biotherm Homme - Force Supreme Black...
Entdecken Sie die regenerierende Nachtpflege von der Biotherm Homme Anti-Aging Linie Force Suprême, die Black Regenerating Night Care. Biotherm Homme hat eine multi-korrigierende und straffende Anti-Aging Nacht-Pflege mit Pro-Xylane und...
CHF82.40 * CHF103.00 *
Biotherm Homme - Age Fitness Night Advanced
BIOTHERM Biotherm Homme - Age Fitness Night Advanced
Urban aggressions (pollution, dust, smoke…) oxidate the skin and contribute to premature skin aging. During night, skin enters a process of regeneration, it is the right time to help strengthen it. Age Fitness Advanced Night with...
CHF66.40 * CHF83.00 *


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